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 8/13/09 - Allen gives alook over after Vicarious breezes:

Vicarious and Allen Jerkens

Photo by Barry Bornstein


March 23, 2009: Courtesy of THOROFAN


Heidi White up—Aiken Training Track

Gonzalo Garcia asks Vicarious for athleticism

Looking for what's next

Photo Credit:  Barry Bornstein

Marilyn Lane

The versatile Vicarious has moved from Red Top Farm to Suzy Haslup at the old Hill ‘n Dale Barn at the Aiken Training Track.

The gray filly has been on sabbatical since falling off form late last fall.  She was sent to South Carolina and after a short respite started back in light training.  Under the tutelage of former United States Equestrian Team member DiAnn Langer and ridden by Gonzalo Garcia, she thrived while learning new disciplines.

Last week the filly returned to regular race training and is going about her work with her usual enthusiasm.  The amazing thing about Vicarious is how she settles into any routine.  She’s simply a happy horse and has a special ability to elevate everyone around her.

Thanks to Barry Bornstein’s fine photography skills regular readers have frequently seen shots of Vicarious.  Little did anyone know that she would live up to her name and deliver so much joy vicariously?

Who would ever guess that the slightly-built filly would attract so much attention from people in other areas of the horse world?  Everyone that sees her seems to think she would fit well in their program.  The most frequently asked question is: can she jump?  The answer is yes, but the timing was not right to find out how high.  She can do everything that has been asked of her so far, including bending and reining.  Vicarious broke her maiden at Saratoga last summer and Mosiac wishes to continue racing her so long as she is happy to be on the track.

If her mantra could be heard it might say, “Put your ears forward and the whole world will respond optimistically.”  Her every move indicates that she has complete confidence in herself and her handlers.  One would guess that somehow she knows she will move from racing to safe retirement.  Not only does Vicarious have promise of a second career, she also has a Certificate of Deposit.  Fifteen percent of her earnings have been applied to a retirement plan and her first CD matures in December of this year.

Within the next month it is expected for Vicarious to be shipped to Belmont to prepare for her four-year-old campaign.  She would throw her ears forward to know that she is returning to Allen Jerkens’ barn.  The plan is to race her so long as she remains sound and happy to train on.  When she appears ready for another career there is a growing list of people anxious to convert her to a hunter or jumper or maybe even dressage.


8/31/08 - Several of us watched the Spinaway start from the 7 furlong shoot on the backstretch. After the race went off, the starter who had been so nice to us in Belmont, leapt over the rail saying "VICARIOUS right?" - amazing that he remembered us and her name. It was a nice feeling - one of the many I am getting from our little endeavor.

8/31/08 - Jackie's First Race! Photos by Barry Bornstein of course!

Riders Up!

The dismount

The scales - hovering steady despite a bacon and eggs breakfast.






Post race interviews. Her proud and relieved father
stands just behind her. They are the only
father-daughter jockeys

9/28/08 - Jackie smiling though the mud. Photo by Barry Bornstein

8/6/08 - The long race did not fill so she was entered to run 7 furlongs in a $25,000 maiden claiming race and she won! On hand to cheer and carry on were Larry, Barry (not Beau), Valerie Bornstein, Winnie Gray, Marty Farnsworth, Monica Driver, Marilyn Lane, Kevin Henry and Suzy Haslup. We were joined by Richard Kent ( from whom we had purchased Loose Wire over 20 years ago) and his daughter. Beau wondered why we did not have a photo of his head on a stick to hold up! Click here to see the chart.

5/16/08 - Vicarious worked 1/2 in 49.65 over a track labeled as "good". She was 8th of 30 who worked that distance. Not that you can compare, but I noticed that Eclipse Award and Breeders' Cup winner GINGER PUNCH went in 49.61 so that should make us pleased.

5/7/08 - First work out of the gate at Belmont.

Melissa, the exercise rider, got a leg up around 8:30 and starting walking in the yard (Allen has 2 barns which are encircled by a covered track). The uncovered space in the center has 3 or 4 round pens and plenty of space to walk and jog. Melissa also jogged 3 warm up rounds in the covered track before heading for the training track.

Allen chose this time as it is right after the harrow break and he wanted a fresh track.

We had checked out gates on both the training track and the main track in preparation and had made "friends" with one of the assistant starters. We described Vicarious to him and sure enough when he spotted her, he took her under his wing,

She went into the gate with only minimal hesitation and stood like a rock while the filly beside her started to pitch a fit and eventually reared, sat down and had to be extricated. Her rider got off, the filly was walked and checked out and then was not eager to get back in the gate so there was a tussle. Through all this, Vicarious stood quietly while "her starter" patted and had her totally relaxed. He later said only one in a thousand would stand unalarmed while the horse beside her was in a frenzy. He called her "All class". We have heard that before, but hearing it again never hurts.

When the other filly eventually loaded, the starter opened the gate almost immediately ( clanging bell and all), and the filly scooted out with her rider hooting and hollering at her. Vicarious broke considerably slower (remember she was half asleep and had been standing there for 5 minutes or more) but she overtook and passed the other filly quickly. Allen had asked them to work 1/4 but the clocker (who does not time 1/4 mile works) caught her galloping out 3/8ths in 37.2. This was the 5th fastest of 16 works that day at the same distance. This was an excellent move and Allen - who yelled at poor Melissa for the slow break - was very pleased with Vicarious. The whole barn told us what a great work it was, as the other filly (her workmate) is known to be fast and her rider really gunned her out of the gate. With a bit of sleuthing in the Works on Equibase, I believe I was able to determine that the other filly went in 38 and change.

I am very happy Vicarious made such a great first impression. To see her works in a less wordy format, CLICK HERE.

4/25/08 - Vicarious moves to the barn of H. Allen Jerkens at Belmont Park.

Along with 5 others from Suzy Haslup's barn, Vicarious boarded a Ralph Smith van for the trip to Belmont. Amazingly the van was on time and she loaded as calmly as ever. The journey was uneventful and she arrived the next morning in good shape. Barry (Beau) saw her off and he said he felt like she was leaving for college.

When I thought about that I realized we had sent her off to Harvard. She is at the big time . She is one of 38 in this particular very private and elite "college".


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